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Friday, May 30, 2014

June goals

HOW is it almost June!?  This year is just flying by and I know it’ll be back to school time before we know it.  THAT IS SAD, Y’ALL.  Even though August will come around all too quickly, we are absolutely enjoying summer.  I’ve got some fun projects to work on and we’ve got a few exciting trips ahead and I am just so motivated to make this a successful (and fun!) few months.

Let’s take a look back at May’s goals:  1.  Have a date night with Ty.  This is happening TONIGHT! 2.  Get the backyard ready for my parents’  anniversary party.  Backyard party was a success!  Woo!  3.  Begin branding 314 Productions.  I’ve got a logo in the works with an awesome husband+wife team and I am just DYING to see a little something in the next couple of weeks.  YAY!  4.  Begin a summer office schedule.  This is saving my life.  I’ll have to share my schedule soon... accountability, y’all!  5.  Catch up on my Project Life scrapbook.  I bought the mini size scrapbook and I’ve organized all my photos to print.  I’m ready to roll!

All in all, I think May has been my most successful month yet.  I’m so excited about these summer months and all the fresh motivation they bring.  We’ve got BIG things to do these next few months, but I am looking forward to all the growth we will see!

And here we go for June...

1.  Order everything we need for 314 Productions film packaging.  My spring brides are being oh so patient with us as we wait for our logo to be completed before shipping out packages.  We’ve got some really fun and meaningful ideas and I cannot wait to see our brand truly come to life this month!

2.  Complete my chronological bible reading plan.  At the end of the month I will (hopefully!) complete my chronological bible reading plan that I’ve been doing since June of last year.  It’s been SUCH a fun journey and I am excited about wrapping up the New Testament this month!

3.  Continue to exercise at least 5 days a week.  I am out of shape, y’all.  Like, BAD.  I’ve been doing a 30 day challenge app and I just started couch to 5K this week to get me back to running.  It is embarrassing how bad I am.  But, I want to make exercising (and eating right!) a habit in our life so that when we have babies one day (ONE DAY) I’ll be a healthy Mama.  Hey, whatever gets me moving, right?!  Ha!

4.  Enjoy summer in the mid-south!  So many fun things happen around these parts when summer hits.  We are going to work hard this summer, but I also want to play hard!  I’ve got a little list going in my head of the things that I’m looking forward to doing these next few months. 

5.  Have friends and family over for dinner alfresco style.  Now that we are starting to create a little patio space that we love, I want to make sure we are filling it with people we love!  I’ve gotten more into cooking lately and I want to enjoy the kitchen with friends! 

Here we go, June!  We’re ready!  Are you making goals for June?  Share them below and we’ll keep each other accountable!

11 comments on "June goals"
  1. Regular exercise is hard for me, so I know how challenging 5 days a week is for a goal!

  2. As a lettering and logo lover, I am dying to see that new little piece of art with your name on it! Can't wait!

  3. Couch to 5K saves my life. Time for me to start that up again! Enjoy the summer months, you deserve it!

  4. I loved Couch to 5k! These are great goals! I can't believe it's so close to June already!

  5. I need to get back into exercising as well. I am thinking of cancelling my gym membership at the one place and going to the one closer to my house. Looking forward to hearing how your goals pan out!

  6. You rocked May girl..Hope June is just as successful for you :)

  7. haha #3 with your reasoning...SAME HERE! I want to be a healthy and fit mamma one day, even if it is years away still.

    A few of friend of mine and I have been doing the ToneItUP Bikini Series, it's almost over but I'm probably going to run through it again. It's been great!

  8. I encourage you to set a time first thing in the morning to work out. People who set aside time in the morning are more likely to stick to their schedule than those who schedule it for the afternoon or evening.
    - Catherine,

  9. Awesome new goals friend, good luck and enjoy this month! So happy for you on your new journey - so exciting x

  10. Awesome new goals friend, good luck and enjoy this month! So happy for you on your new journey - so exciting x

  11. Happy June! Looks like you're having a productive start to the summer!


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