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Sunday, February 2, 2014

February goals

It's currently Sunday afternoon and I'm on the couch with my little family soaking in the laziness that is a rainy Sunday.  Yesterday 314 Productions kicked off wedding season with the Walker wedding and it was a long, exhausting, but exhilarating day.  I can count the hours of sleep last night on one hand, but when Beau begged me to get out of bed this morning I just couldn't even go back to sleep.  I love video.  It fires me up.  It challenges me.  YES, we have at least a million things to learn.  There is so much room for improvement.  But, I have such a passion for this.  I loved seeing this friend of mine commit her life to a man she loves.  This morning I fixed myself a cup of coffee and I just started watching clip after clip.  Critiquing what we could have done better, but also just smiling and tearing up at some of the biggest moments of a couple's life.  We witnessed that.  

I'm just thrilled that February is here.  January is cold, long, hard month.  BUT WE SURVIVED AMEN.  February is a big, fun month for us and I'm so glad we kicked it off with such a gorgeous, sweet wedding.  I'm ready to make things happen this month. 

Here's a look back at my January goals:

1.  Spend time reading the bible/a devotional at the end of the day instead of being on my phone.  So this is kind of a fail.  I did try to be more intentional about not being on my phone, but I failed many nights.  And then I probably fell asleep on the couch 50% of the month.  Ha!  I want to be better about actually being intentional with not just the "no phone" thing, but really making it a point to read the Word every night. 

2.  CALL friends at least once a week.  How is 3/5 weeks?  I want to continue getting better about this!
3.  Honor my husband by keeping a tidy home and being physically and emotionally ready for his homecoming each night.  I thought I'd be worse about this one, but it was surprisingly a strength, I think!  After him being away for those few months I think I felt a little more excitement about creating a relaxing home at the end of the day.  I had a husband coming home! 
4.  Slowly build our business by creating a saving plan for equipment and building relationships with clients and peers that will encourage our business.  I'm so excited to say that we've booked at least one wedding every month this year except for THREE!  Praise the Lord!  It's been overwhelming to stay organized and to really do this thing right.  I'm going to work on this a lot in February!
5.  This month I want to simplify our lifestyle by spending less money on food.  I started grocery shopping for the month and while it was successful, I didn't save as much as I could have because I didn't plan the best way.  I've already grocery shopped for the month of February and I was so excited when I saw that I was over $100 under budget!  I hope that we do well on meals this month and I can continue to bring down our grocery bill!

1.  Continue doing my No Other gods study in the morning and start being consistent at doing my chronological study at night.  The Lord has taught me so much through my chronological study and I want to be obedient to spend time studying!

2.  Call or see friends at least once a week.  Keeping this one because it's something I need to continue to work on. 

3.  Spend quality date nights with my husband.  I want to plan fun and different (but affordable!) dates for my husband to get us out of routine every once in a while.  Send tips, ladies!

4.  Complete all our legal documents for 314 Productions and spend half an hour every afternoon working on business things.  I want to stay more organized daily so that I can stay on top of all our appointments and spend time improving our business! 

5.  Create an organization plan for our closet.  We are eventually going to have built ins in our closet and I need to design what we want to create a way that we can keep it simple and organized.  The clutter is killing me!

That's it, y'all.  Here's to a February where we make things happen! 

10 comments on "February goals "
  1. Love these! I started doing monthly goals in January and blogging about it helped me to be accountable to myself! :-) I'll be sharing my Feb. goals on Tuesday!

    xoxo A

  2. I can NOT wait to see their video! I know that it was a beautiful day! You are so talented and always know that GOD has a beautiful plan for your business! :)

  3. Was it just me or did January feel like it went on FOREVER?? I don't know why, maybe because I sped through December? Anyways, I'm so thrilled for the kickstart of your new business! What a cool way for God to use you, to celebrate and capture the beautiful moments of life in a way that gives him glory, I love it and I'm so excited to see where it takes you! :)

    Best of luck for your goals in February!


  4. You are so talented and ambitious that I am positive you will be super successful with your February goals! You inspire me!

  5. Love your goals! Congrats on the business taking off! Love what y'all are doing and what your business stands for! My favorite inexpensive date night is a picnic in the living room. We did this in January and I turned off all the lights, lit lots of candles, and turned music on. So much fun! Have a great month!

  6. Congrats on such a big weekend!! What an exciting time and huge blessing for y'all and your new business! Love your February goals! Hope to get mine posted in the next few days too :) Have a great week!

  7. What a beautiful image - you two must be so proud and bookings all year - Congrats! These are some awesome goals, good luck x

  8. Check out this website. TONS of date night ideas on the cheap!

    Have fun :)

  9. hi nicole.. i like your idea of keeping goals for each month. looks like it will be more practical.. and reviewing your goals for the previous month is also good... go ahead..:)

  10. What a beautiful image - you two must be so proud and bookings all year. You are so talented and ambitious that I am positive you will be super successful with your February goals!
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