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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 steps to being an awesome wife

Hey there BLOOM readers:) My name is Kate, and I blog over at KATE&KUBY.

As you all know, Nicole is away on her honeymoon. When she asked me to guest post, I was a little baffled on what I might talk about. Then, I started thinking about what she would be doing as you guys read this... she's being a wife.

So, thus my guest post idea was born.

I present to you 10 very serious silly steps to insure that you're an awesome wife. Click the links provided to see how I've mastered each step.

1. Get married. Duh.

2. Since you're most likely poor like all newlyweds are... get creative with dates & dates.

3. Take your husband on weekend trips. He won't mind it breaking the bank because you'll wear something new... if you know what I mean:)

4. When you get the itch for babies, but you know it's just not the right time yet, convince husband to get a puppy instead. This step is crucial. It not only gets you the cutest puppy ever, it also helps you get that motherly/nurturing feeling out that you so desperately feel. Husband will just be thankful you stopped the baby fever... temporarily.

5. Ignore the previous step and just get pregnant. Why? Because it totally doesn't get that feeling to go away. It just increases it, and babies are way better than puppies. For realz. Plus, finding out the gender of that baby is also the best thing.... like ever. Also, decorating the nursery is way more fun than puppy training.

6. Becoming a new mom might stress you and the husband out. Don't worry. I've helped majorly with this step. See link. It's everything you need to know about being a mommy! Read it. Husband will thank you.

7. Husband will hands down think you are freakin incredible when you have that baby. Trust me, you'll be his super hero. This step is for sure going to make you the best wife.

8. So now that you've had a baby, you'll be even more broke than you were when you were first married. So you'll need even more cheap date ideas, and you'll have to learn how to sew. It's like in the rules of "broke parents book" or something. Husband will be so proud of your creativity and mad domestic skills he might buy you some flowers. Well, mine didn't, but he did buy me cupcakes... that man knows me.

 9. Dress your little fella like your husband. He will think it's so cute, he will be sure to give you a smooch. If you have a girl.... uhh.. google what to do or something.

10. Be sure to write very mushy oh so loving posts about your husband, OR posts where he is showing off his manliness by gathering trees and chopping wood. OHRAH!

Hope you enjoyed my fool proof 10 step process to being a darn good wifey. Don't panic if you've missed a step or two... he will still like you. I promise.

Thanks Nicole for letting me guest post today. I hope your honeymoon is unbelievable! Goodness, isn't the best feeling in the world waking up the first day married and realizing you don't have anything else to plan FOR A VERY LONG TIME? best feeling right there.

If you guys would like, stop by and say hello over at my little place. I'd love to have you:)
2 comments on "10 steps to being an awesome wife"
  1. loved these! they are super cute and yes i agree, your man will think you are the greatest super hero when you give birth!

  2. Such cute ideas. Especially #10..silly men :) Thanks for sharing!


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