Friday, July 25, 2014

#namesofgod vol.3

The Mary Kay giveaway winner is Sarah!  Congratulations! Kristy will be emailing you soon about your prize. :)

This week’s study on “The Lord Who Heals” was so good and challenging.  I’ve really been challenged through this study.  There are some days where I just really draw a blank and I’m digging to get something out of it.  Then there is another day when the Lord is just screaming things at my heart and it is so good.  I think a study like this is good to strengthen our walks with the Lord.  

Sometimes it is so easy to see Christianity as just something pretty.  Something that makes us feel good.  And then we read about how some of our sickness is tied to our sin and we just don’t like that. It doesn’t “feel” good.  I pray that my views on my God continue to change over the course of this study.  So many of my views need to be rocked.  

We do know this.  God is in charge of our sickness and our healing.  Our God is All-Powerful.  Our God has His hands in every little detail of our lives.  He hears our prayers.  He sees our tears.  He forgives our sins.  He makes us well.  I love that throughout the chapter we looked at different verses that show us different things about God healing.  I LOVED that we ultimately see that Christ is our healer.  He is the ultimate miracle for our disease-filled hearts.  He took on my sin, my sickness, my punishment.  Sometimes, sickness isn’t directly related to our sin. Sometimes, we won’t see healing like we want to.  Sometimes the Lord will choose to use our sickness or the sickness of a loved one for His glory and to display His works (John 9:1-3).  Sometime healing will come through death and life in Heaven.  I love how the Lord made it so obvious to me that His ultimate healing comes through eternal life.  Healing comes one way or another. We can be thankful for that. 

I’ve loved seeing others participate in this.  It’s been so neat to see how God has used this study in each of our lives so differently.  I know He is blessing us!

I just wanted to give one more little note before I sign off for the day.  I’m so thankful to be doing this study and to be doing it with you.  I’m going to continue to do these posts on Friday until our study is over.  But, I will be stepping back from blogging indefinitely.  I just wanted to give you a little heads up before you worry.  :) Until next Friday... keep up the good work, ladies!  So thankful for your commitment to this study.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A terrible vlog + a giveaway

I’m totally embarrassed to share this video.  Like, EMBARRASSED.  But, we will just call it a humbling experience and move on.  ;)  A few notes as you watch.

1.  I’m so country sounding that it’s ridiculous.
2.  Half of my face is cut off.  I’m aware of this, and didn’t choose to reshoot this video.  Sorry!
3.  I’m the WORST at explaining products.  Like, the very worst.  Please don’t judge.

Okay, now I’ll just bite the bullet and let you see... after you watch, scroll down and find out how you can win some goodies!

I hope we can still be friends....

Moving on.

Let’s get to the good stuff.  WHAT YOU CAN WIN!  A sweet friend of mine who offered me these great products wants to giveaway a $25 credit to Mary Kay!  Kristy is a friend of mine from church and I love what she’s doing with her Mary Kay earnings this month.  As some of you know, a friend in our community group was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a few months ago.  It has been so incredible to watch and Danielle and her family face this trial and it has encouraged me and challenged me constantly.  Watching people walk through dark, painful trials with trust in the Lord and JOY just gives me chills.  We have a great God.  

Anyway, Kristy is donating every dollar she makes to Danielle and her fight against cancer.  We would love if you would support our sweet friend!  Not only will participating in part of this giveaway get you awesome products, but you’ll be encouraging Danielle as she faces cancer.  A win-win!  Check out the giveaway below and enter away!  Grab the photo, go through all the entries, and GOOD LUCK!  I will announce the winner sometime on Friday 7/25.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Names of God 2014 vol.3

Sweet girls, thank you for being dedicated to our study!  I love seeing things from you guys about where the Lord has you.  If you’re behind, don’t sweat it.  This is about genuine fellowship with the Lord.  If you need a few days to get through one “day” of the study, do it!  This is about you and Jesus.  We are just here for encouragement. 

I just love this study so much.  There is so much richness here that I know I won’t fully grasp until I need that name of God.  Until I’m in the place where I’m crying out for Him in that intimate, personal way.  I love that these names can be so personal to us.  I might cry out to Him as Jehovah and you might be El Roi.  Wherever we are, God is there.  That’s comfort. 

Something that I feel I needed more than anything this week is the reminder that the Lord is Adonai.  He is Master.  Sometimes my prideful, I-want-my-own-way heart has a problem submitting to the Master.  And then I read verses like in Matthew 7 where Jesus says, “You may call me ‘Lord’ but I do not know you.  Depart from me your workers of iniquity.”  WOW.  To know that many will face God one day and say, ‘But, I know you” and God says He does not know you.  When I hear the word of God and do not act on it, my words “Lord, Lord” are absolutely empty.  When I do not act on the word, I am being disobedient to my Master.  There’s so much in my life that I want to control.  That I want to have my hands in.  The Lord is reminding me almost daily that I have no control.  I cannot manipulate Him into giving me what I want or what I think will keep my life all nice and tidy.  I want to fully embrace the plan my Master has for me, even if it looks different than what I think it should.  Ultimately, I am called to obedience.  I am called to bless the name of the Lord and glorify Him with my words and my actions.  My obedience shows who my Master is.  

Is it me?  Or is it God?

This is something I’m struggling through, but I’m thankful the Lord is revealing places in my heart than need a bit of a makeover.  I’d love for you to comment or link-up (NEW LINK UP!!!!) with Rachel and me and share what the Lord has been doing.  So thankful for you and proud of you for sticking through.  Love you girls.